Cryotek, Inc. is a family owned delivery service specializing in the delivery of Medical Grade Liquid Nitrogen to fully licensed doctors, dermatologists, dentists, veterinarians, hospitals, medical facilities and clinics. In addition, Cryotek, Inc. is a fully licensed California Drug Wholesaler which enables us to provide our clients with many of the additional services they may require. We take pride in being able to provide our services at lower prices, nearly always beating out the competition. Our drivers are experienced, enthusiastic and knowledgeable of our products and services. Our company has been involved in cryogenics for 75 years. Our office phones are answered by live personnel who will respond to your needs and concerns in a rapid, friendly manner.

We sell or rent (when available) many of the related products and/or hardware that is associated with the use of the medical liquid nitrogen including; Cryo-guns (Cry-AC), Dewars (liquid nitrogen tanks), Withdrawal Devices, Stainless Steel Dippers, Lids and more.  Since we specialize in this specific field we can usually provide our products and services at far lower prices than you will find elsewhere.

We make a simple pledge to our customers – to provide them with a high standard in the delivery of our products and services.

Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside



All medical grade products are delivered ONLY to fully licensed doctors, professionals or clinics. We do not deliver medical products or equipment to the general public or to patients.
Although we are a licensed California drug wholesale company, we DO NOT provide, dispense or deliver any type of medications or drug related products. All of our products and services relate strictly to medical grade liquid nitrogen products.